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The Wisdom Building Method is a framework for engaging with individual, relational, and collective practices that help to bring about insight, compassion and wisdom


Throughout millennia, some have described desirable human characteristics or gifts as immutable essences that are hard to train and require innate potential. In spite of this, empirical research has revealed that expert abilities, gifts or even wisdom are greatly influenced by the environment – which suggests that leaders are not born, they are also made. In the paper Wisdom and how to cultivate it, Igor Grossman suggests, “The emerging evidence begins to suggest that from a constructivist point of view, the potential for wise thinking emerged in the interaction of the person and their environment. It is up to us to realize this potential through the ways we view the self, the situation, and the world around us."


The Wisdom Building Method is based on the premise that contemplative practices help us to approach daily life with flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Contemplative practices within the categories of the 3Ms – MUSIC, MOVEMENT and MINDFULNESS – are the means by which we are able to make sense of our life experience, to bring us together and to gain wisdom. Through the 3Ms we can gain a WISE BODY, WISE MIND, AND WISE SPIRIT.


Nichol developed this work during her time as a Garrison Institute Fellow. It draws upon the scientific disciplines of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Somatic Experiencing and the Polyvagal Theory. It incorporates practices within yoga, dance, various styles of musical expression, and a plethora of mindfulness practices. It is born out of the nexus of art, science and contemplative wisdom.


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