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Hi! I’m Nichol, a wellness educator who teaches movement, music and mindfulness. I work with students to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, with other human beings, and with all of life.

Nichol Chase is a teacher, musician, and veritable yoga nerd. Nichol is informed by a vast and eclectic set of influences that  blend invigorating flow with precise, insightful instruction. Her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics makes her an inspiring and masterful yoga educator.


Nichol’s experience includes more than a decade of Royal Academy ballet training and a lifetime of singing, including specialization as a Coloratura Soprano culminating in the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Vocal Performance. Music, movement, and dance led her to yoga, and yoga helped her to discover her voice for the first time.


Every yoga pose is a puzzle and Nichol thrives in the challenge of assembling the components through clear, concise, and skillful instruction. She is passionate about all things yoga, and is deeply engaged in creating fun, well informed, and empowering learning experiences for her students. Her interest in the intersection of yoga asana, mindfulness, meditation, music and cognitive behavioral therapy has led her to collaborate with experts in the fields of psychiatry, wellness, and mindfulness such as Daniel Siegel, Shauna Shapiro, Elissa Epel, and Michael Sapiro.


Nichol lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area, but teaches classes, workshops, and intensives around the world.  She is a long time faculty member and teacher trainer for The Mazé Method and has worked closely with Noah Mazé, Tracy Mazé, Rocky Heron, and the entire Mazé Method team for several years. In the rare moments when she is not practicing or teaching yoga, you will find her sharpening her harmonium and guitar skills, reading a book, or exploring Northern California’s coasts and trails.

A Shy Girl's Path to Empowerment

I have always felt like a bit of a misfit, and growing up I was painfully shy. I tried to put myself in a box and I suffered for it. But no more! I no longer wish to disempower myself by being ashamed of who I am. I wish to step fully into who I truly am. This video is about taking off my shackles and stepping into my power. I want to use my experience to empower myself and empower others.


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