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Slowing Down as Compassion: Break-out session for Wisdom 2.0

Given the urgency of our times, we might consider slowing down to be a form of compassion, and a pathway into creative possibility. Weaving music and meditation, this workshop will offer participants an emergent space to explore mindful self-compassion as a gift to ourselves, a means of experiencing our interconnected nature, and perhaps even a radical action we can carry into the world for new ideas.


Teachers: Nichol Chase, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Nico Cary, Barnaby Willett, Jennifer Bloom & Orlando Villarraga

Fellowship Forum: Arawana Hayashi on Welcoming the Unknown Through Embodied Practices

On March 11, we continued the Garrison Institute Fellowship Forum with a conversation between Arawana Hayashi and Dr. Angel Acosta, Director of the Garrison Institute Fellowship. They discussed Hayashi’s work on embodied presence and awareness practices for getting unstuck in the face of uncertainty. As the events of the past year have reminded us all, one of the only certainties in life is, in fact, uncertainty. This time dialogue offered practices to help us face and embrace the unknown, and we invite you to revisit it at any time.


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In-Person Yoga Intensive at Kripalu with Nichol Chase & Noah Mazé

November 4-6

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Advance Your Asana

Nichol’s step-by-step approach, intelligent sequencing and clear instructions make even the most challenging poses accessible. In these 11 classes, Nichol guides students through adventurous practices. Wander into some of the “more advanced shapes” in every postural category. Gain insights and unlock potential in advanced arm balances, hip openers, back bends, standing poses, advanced transitions, headstand variations, and more.  

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Meet Nichol!

Nichol Chase is a teacher, musician, and veritable yoga nerd.

Nichol is informed by a vast and eclectic set of influences that  blend invigorating flow with precise, insightful instruction. Her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics makes her an inspiring and masterful yoga educator. 

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– What people are saying –

Megan Yee

"I seek out teachers who are so passionate about their disciplines that simply being around them inspires others to pursue what they love as well. This is why I chose to complete my 200-hour teacher training with Nichol Chase—she is a gifted teacher and lifelong student whose positive energy is contagious. Nichol pours a tremendous amount of thought into every aspect of her teaching, and she makes her students feel seen and valued. Her classes are challenging and detail-oriented, yet her teaching style makes learning accessible for all students. Studying basic anatomy can be a tedious process, but Nichol managed to teach it in a more engaging way than many of my college professors. As a result, I retained more knowledge and actually enjoyed the process. This program enriched my life in so many ways, and I feel so lucky I had Nichol to guide me through the experience!"

Sydney Frizzell Gorham (Yoga for Performers student at University of the Pacific)

"The breathing exercises have really helped me in my voice lessons. This class helped me also to link my breath and my movements in a more synchronistic way."

Alex Ksendzov

"Nichol is a great yoga teacher and a yoga nerd. I have taken her advanced and mixed level classes. In mixed level classes she gives plenty of options for various level students, carefully monitors alignment, and looks out for students' safety. Her advanced level classes usually are geared toward getting a specific pose; she usually practices with students. She is awesome in both formats, I recommend you give her a try. Added bonus - she is incredible in back bends (not just doing them, teaching them too); if you happen on a back bend class, you will see some astonishing demos. Did I forget to mention she sings too? You get some darn good Opera during savasana."

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