Develop Your Home Practice



Explore your own intrinsic wisdom and build your own practices at home that include pranayama, meditation, and yoga asana.

Upcoming Live

The upcoming live session for Develop Your Home Practice will be hosted on my youtube channel, Nichol Chase 

Class 2 - All Levels Full Spectrum Practice

Live date - FEB. 25. 2021

Live time - 7am PST

Class pack - Develop Your Home Practice

Duration - 1hr

Description - Updating Soon

Props - Updating Soon



View past recorded live sessions in the archive below: 

*Free access for a limited time only.

Class 1 - All Levels Full Spectrum Practice

Live date - FEB. 18. 2021

Live time - 7am PST

Class pack - Develop Your Home Practice

Duration - 1hr

Description - Updating Soon

Props - Updating Soon

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